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Mitigation Services


Mitigation is a term used to describe projects or programs that offset impacts to a natural resource.  Although California’s farmland is precious and the loss of it can never be fully compensated for, impacts to farmland can be partly mitigated for by permanently protecting similar land.

Local jurisdictions, including the State of California and Monterey County, have recognized the importance of addressing the impacts of agricultural land conversion.  A number of cities, counties, and Local Area Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) require mitigation for the loss of farmland via in-lieu fees or direct purchases of conservation easements on similar land.

Where mitigation is required, Ag Land Trust can help identify, select, and acquire conservation easements or fee-title on appropriate farmland, as well as monitor or manage conserved land in perpetuity.

Ag Land Trust prides itself in our ability to provide customized mitigation solutions by working with local entities and willing sellers to secure easements to meet the agricultural mitigation requirements established in a project’s environmental documents.