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Board of Directors

Sherwood Darington
Retired agriculture appraiser.

Marc Del Piero
Attorney specializing in environmental water law and former member of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.

Louis Frizzell
Certified public accountant and certified financial planner helping to manage the Ag Land Trust’s assets and serving as the chief liaison for audits.

David Gill
Founder and co-owner of Rio Farms overseeing current operations of over 14,500 acres of specialty vegetable crop production.

Heather Golden
Advocate for agriculture specializing in sustainable agriculture, food safety and water quality.

Aaron Johnson
Attorney specializing in agriculture real property rights and former President of the Farm Bureau of Monterey County.

Robert LaBrier
Director at Pacific Valley Bank and former Senior Vice President of American AgCredit.

Richard Nutter
Retired agricultural commissioner for Monterey County.

Bob Roach
Management specialist focusing on inter-governmental and legislative affairs and retired assistant agricultural commissioner.

Sherwood Darington
Cheryl DeMars